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10% off Prints for Fall

What a Summer! Thank you all SO much for being patient this year as I adjusted to no help. Happy to say that next Summer, my editor will be back in the office. But with that being said, I really enjoyed the process of editing your families again. and I’m sure you noticed you received far more images than promised. Culling is not my strong suit, haha. I wanted to take a second now that I’m almost caught up and say thank you. Also, to remind you how important it is to get them your images on your walls. Did you know that when you order through my lab, extreme editing comes free with your order? I go in and smooth hair down, pop the color more if needed, do a little nip and tuck if needed, and just be sure it is absolutely perfect for you to look at every day. My favorite thing in my house is my canvas gallery wraps. No matter how rough the day is there is something about walking by my girls that really just makes me smile. Ask me to design a wall just for you. You measure the space and I send you a few options for a gallery wall. It truly will make your house a home. As a thank you I want to give you 10% off until the 14th. The discount code is Fall. Here are a few ideas for your gallery wrap wall, including my own.

72″ x 24″ Three Piece Wall Display (2) 16×20 (1) 24×36

74″ x 30″ Five Piece Wall Display (4) 14×20 (1) 30×30

52″ x 24″ Five Piece Wall Display (4) 11×14 (1) 20×24

I love the 16×24’s (Excuse my phone photos) I have these all over my home.






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