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Where should I print my photo’s?

I get asked this question all of the time. And my answer will always be, through the professional photographer. Why take the time out of your busy day and spend the money to have a photographer take high resolution pictures to end up with prints that aren’t what you paid for? Let me do a little explaining. A professional photographer calibrates their monitor to match their professional lab. That means your photo will look exactly as it does on my screen if the monitor is calibrated correctly. But when you print your photo through some of these companies like Mpix, Snapfish, or Overnight Prints there is no way to control the quality. There is absolutely no comparison to those type of labs to a professional lab. Here is a great link to show you the difference in printing professionally and through a regular lab. http://pandwphotography.com/blog/photo-print-comparison/

When you order through me I go in and extreme edit the photo. That is all included in the price. If you need your hair fixed, want to be slimmed down a bit, have acne, or anything else that needs to be changed. I fix all of that. We then decide what size photo would be best for you, you approve it, and it shows up on your door step the next week. How many of you have your photos back and haven’t printed a single one? I’m guilty of it too! But let’s change that. Let’s get these photos on the walls! Here are just a few products that I offer.






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