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Baby Stella’s Arrival~ Family Birth Place at Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast

Talk about baby fever!!! Birth sessions are by far my favorite. There is something so special about seeing a family welcome a new Blessing into this world. It is unexplainable, a moment that during you won’t remember unless it is documented. I often wonder why we hire photographers for weddings but we don’t hire photographers when we welcome a new baby into this world. I know for me, it is a memory I want to remember forever. The pain, the tears, the time, the joy, every single emotion and feeling! I was so Blessed to spend the day with Madi and Austin while they welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Stella. Madi’s birth story was amazing. She went hours without an epidural and her strength and the love her and Austin share, wow! Now excuse me, I need to go cry my eyes out, hehe.






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