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My girls~ My world

I think after 12 years of business, with a new website and blog it is time to introduce myself again! I’m Micha, these are my girls, my world. My oldest was 3 years old when she bounced into my life. I knew the moment I met her, as her Preschool teacher that God made her just for me. Which is funny because I was only 19 years old, newly into college, and not really ready to be a Mommy. But can we all agree that God has a sense of humor? A few weeks later I realized that her Daddy was single and absolutely adorable. We started dating and well a year later he was my husband. I adopted her officially when she was 8 years old. But she was my daughter from day 1! Her father and I divorced 10 years later when she was 13. I’ll leave out the in between, the teenage years, and tell you guys we were always best friends because that just sounds better, lol. At 18 years old, she is now not only a gorgeous young woman but also has such an amazing head on her shoulders. She graduates in May and I can finally say that she is my best friend without telling you a fib. My tiny will be 2 this week. She is a dynamite and she pretty much runs our household. She has her sister wrapped around her tiny finger and they are seriously the best of friends. I’ve never seen my big girl love that big! She enjoys gymnastics and movie time with her sister. I’m SO Blessed, even as a single mom. These girls fill my love tank up every single day. Thank you for being a part of our family!






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